Work samples


– Simultaneous interpreting at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in the Council of Europe;
– Simultaneous interpreting in the European Parliament at the meeting of European Ukraine party and ALDE MPs;
– Consecutive interpreting of evaluation interviews in State Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament), which were conducted by USAID international experts
– Simultaneous interpreting for OSCE representatives during sessions of working group on the Law on elections
– Simultaneous interpreting of classes on adversarial proceedings for students of law departments conducted by Leavitt Institute experts
– Consecutive interpreting at workshops for oncologists conducted by Centre Léon Bérard (Lyon, France)
– Consecutive interpreting for clinical study audits for Samsung Bioepis
– Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for OECD experts researching integrity in Ukrainian education
– Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at British Council programs on education, arts and creative entrepreneurship
– Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting of press conferences and workshops for Molodist  international film festival, Kiev and Odessa international film festivals


– Translations of legislative acts on governmental procurement and comments thereto from USAID international experts
– Translations for Ukrainian localization of Windows 7, Office 14, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365
– Translation of articles for “Pravo Ukrayiny” (“Law of Ukraine”) journal (Ministry of Justice of Ukraine)
– Translation of bidding documents for oil extraction in Syria and Afghanistan for “UkrNadraService” company
– Translation of presentation brochure for Ukrainian national chess team; this brochure was distributed at International Chess Olympiad
– Translation of films for Molodist international film festival, Kiev and Odessa international film festivals, KROK animation film festival
– Translation of book “Financial Participation for a New Social Europe” prepared by Berlin Free University
– Translation of plays for #TheatreHD program (British theatre in cinema)
– Translation of films, series and promotion materials of FILM.UA Group